What is Carpet?
Carpet is a textile floor covering made up of a different synthetic fibers attached to a backing.
What is carpet made of?
Carpet can be made of many different materials. In today’s market the main fibers carpet is made of are polyester, nylon or polypropylene (man made). Some carpet is made of wool (natural).
How is carpet made?
While there are some different ways to make carpet and can be a very complex process most commonly the carpet fibers are created and weaved into a backing. The fibers are dyed to achieve the end result color wanted. Some fibers are solution-dyed which means they are dyed before they become carpet fibers. Others have a post-dyed process which takes place after the fibers have been created. Big machines in a factory weave these fibers into a backing which holds the carpet together.
What are the different styles of carpet?
Some common styles of carpet are cut pile, loop pile and a mix between the two called a cut and loop. Cut pile are were the fibers are cut along the top. Some can cut high and low or all at the same level. A loop pile the fiber starts at the backing creates a loop and is weaved back down into the backing. The “loop” is the part that is actually seen. A cut and loop is often used to create a pattern style of carpet.
Components of Construction
Some components of carpet construction are: Fibers, Backing, Latex used to hold backings together, Density of Pile, Pile height, Twist Level of Fiber, Shearing or Finishing, Stain Resistant Treatments, Dye (color)

What is laminate flooring?
Laminate flooring is a synthetic blend of different materials. Layered together these materials create a wood-look in rectangular planks. Laminate is becoming more and more durable with the evolution of technology.
How is laminate made?
Laminate is made up of several different layers. Wear Layer, Design Layer, Inner Core and Backing. On the design layer a wood look is created using a printing type and with the advanced technology the looks that are created are very similar to that of engineered wood or real hardwood. The wear layer is the top layer where the finish is applied. There are several different finishes available.
What is the cost of laminate?
If you wish to have the look of real wood flooring but your budget is tight and just won’t reach then laminate flooring is a great option for you!
How is laminate installed?
There are several different ways a laminate can be installed. Also the method of installation can depend on the specific product so always check the installation instructions before you install. Some laminates now have a “click system” with a tongue and groove on the planks that connect together. Other laminates have edges that butt up next to each other and are glued or nailed down to the under surface.

What is engineered hardwood?
Engineered hardwood is a product usually made up of a core of HDF, plywood or hardwood and has a top layer made up of a real hardwood veneer. Engineered Hardwood combines perfectly man-made and nature, to create a realistic durable product.
How is Engineered Hardwood installed?
Engineered Hardwood can be installed in a similar way to that of the laminate flooring with a “click system” tongue and groove that can connect the planks together. Always check to see on the specific product of choice because it does vary from product and it’s manufacturer. Most Engineered Hardwood floors can be either stapled/nailed and/or glued down.
Engineered vs. Hardwood
Engineered Hardwood combines perfectly the terms “man made” and “nature” to create a durable natural looking product. Real Hardwood is a true wood from the top to bottom layer where Engineered Hardwood has only a top layer of hardwood veneer. Sand and finish hardwood can be messy and often varies from the sample product when the stain is actually applied. It does create however, a very natural look which makes the room/area feel rich in the which it is installed. Engineered Hardwood is good for areas where the climate and temperature changes often. The argument can be made for both sides. In the end it really depends on a few things location, budget, climate and of course the clients own personal opinion.

What is tile?
Tile is a hard, rectangular or square material made from such things as ceramic or stone.
How is tile installed?
Tile is “cemented” down to an under surface using what is called mastic. The mastic has to take some time to dry. Then the gaps between each tile are filled in with a grout once the tiles are set and the mastic is dry.
Where is tile normally installed?
Tile is often placed in areas that can get wet such as showers or laundry rooms. However, you can put tile in many different locations. It is a very durable product and is recommended for high traffic areas. Tile is also a cooler product for home temperature wise.

What is Vinyl flooring?
Vinyl flooring products can be made using different manufacturing processes and material compositions. The material is a very durable cloth-like product with a print layer on the surface area creating design’s that mimic tile, wood and other flooring.
How is Vinyl installed?
Vinyl is usually installed over a hard surface like plywood. It is glued down using a special glue designated for Vinyl.
What is the cost of Vinyl?
Vinyl is relatively cheaper than hardwood and laminate. If you are pinching pennies then vinyl is a great way to save money and still get a great look!

What does L.V.T. stand for and what it is?
Luxury Vinyl Tile is a term often used in the flooring industry today. There has always been some sort of a vinyl tile around whether it be V.C.T. (Vinyl Composition Floor Tile) or S.V.T. (Solid Vinyl Floor). These are consider resilient flooring under the same category as L.V.T. Resilient flooring is often used in grocery stores and high traffic areas as a tough durable flooring option.
Outdoor Carpet
Outdoor carpet is a great option for porches, steps, decks and even garage floors! It can be glued down to help create a softer more relaxing atmosphere for your back porch. It can add warmth and even a little style to your garage.

Commercial Carpet
Commercial Carpet is a more durable longer lasting carpet. Often commercial carpet is put in offices and work areas to help create a warmer more friendly environment than just a hard surface. Commercial carpet is built to handle more traffic than regular carpet with it’s tighter pulled-down fibers and usually stronger backing.

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